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Kids Bible Club Aug 2022
JAN 24 2016 (77)Theresa Thompson_edited.
Pastor: Rev. Frank M. Davis


To all who are weary and need rest; to all who are lonely and want friendship; to all who mourn and need comfort; to all who pray, and to all who do not, but ought; to all who sin and need a Savior; and to all whosoever will – this Church opens wide the door and says in the name of the Lord Jesus. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.  (I Chronicles 16:29)

Rev. Dr. Frank M. Davis, Pastor


We invite you to join us at any or all of our regularly scheduled worship services, prayer meetings and General Mission Bible studies. We look forward to fellowship with you!


9:00 am

10:30 am

Sunday School


Zion Baptist Church Prayer Conference Line


8:00 AM,  12:00 NOON,  6:00 PM

Just Dial (712) 432-3900 –

The access code:  283505#


7:00 pm

Praise and Prayer Service


Special Announcements:  Letter from Pastor

Pastoral Emphasis 2022

Grace Be To You And Peace From God The Father And From Our Lord Jesus Christ!

As we come to the close of another church year, amid great changes and challenges, we thank God for looking favorably upon us granting us another successful Church Year. For these one hundred and fifty-seven years (157yrs) now, God has never failed us yet! As pastor of this church for twenty-nine (29) years, I am thankful and grateful for the faithful membership, ministries and resources God has so graciously given us to serve in His Name.


Every one of you, by your faithfulness, has enabled us to serve this community, city, country, and to keep the church doors open, even in the midst of a hurting world. Many of you deserve a heap of credit and gratitude. You have been both innovative and courageous. Yes, many of you have been “Frontline Workers”, shouldering up to the tremendous challenges and changes that are before us. To God Be the Glory!


No one could have predicted the catastrophic behavior of this Pandemic called COVID-19. It came suddenly, and unexpectedly, and we were all unprepared. But thank God, we are still here! But I must remind you, so is this Corona Virus. We still have to deal with it, and we can by the Grace of God!


This pandemic has altered our social, vocational, and economic lifestyles. It has even altered some of our Spiritual Habits. In a sense, “the walls are broken” and “the gates are burned down”. (Nehemiah 1:3)


In spite of all of this, we cannot put a pause on The Mission of the Church. We must faithfully do Kingdom Building Work! Our theme: Rebuilding the Walls (Nehemiah 4:6) “So build we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof; for the people had a mind to work.”


Now allow me to highlight what “Rebuilding the Walls” demands:


1. Rebuilding the Walls demands that we rely more on the Lord’s Power and Presence than on our Strategy or Smarts.

This is going to require a commitment to making way for people to experience God’s power and presence.


2. Rebuilding the Walls requires Christian Leaders who honestly and objectively evaluate the impact they are making.

The most effective leaders are consistently seeking input and evaluation of their ministry models in order to be more faithful. It is essentially a matter of stewardship.

3. Rebuilding the Walls needs leaders who are in touch with the people they serve and disciple.

I am convinced that we really don’t have an attendance problem; we have a discipleship problem!

4. Rebuilding the Walls requires contributors and participants in Gospel Mission, not just consumers of gospel content.

We need to ask ourselves a question tonight, Are we Contributors and Participants or Are we just Consumers?


Rebuilding the Walls needs leaders who are self-aware about the condition of their hearts before the Lord.

We should forever keep in mind the words of the wisest man of all the Bible, Solomon (Proverbs 4:23) “Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.”

As we endeavor to “Rebuild the Walls”, I encourage you to be Thankful, Thoughtful, and Prayerful.

Blessings and Peace,
Rev Dr Frank M Davis, Pastor

"​A Servant of Christ"

Upcoming Special Events

Zion Baptist Church

Annual Men's Retreat 2023


Friday, August 4th - Saturday, August 5th

Highlands Presbyterian Camp and Retreat Center

Allenspark, Colorado


Theme:  God's Plan for You

Jeremiah 29: 11-13

John 15: 1-5

Registration includes lodging, breakfast, lunch & dinner on Friday.

Breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

More information, the plan and contact found on the

Deacons' Ministry page

Young Adult Bible Study

Women's Retreat

sponsored by the

Deaconess Ministry

Saturday, August 12, 2023  9:00AM - 3:00PM

Theme:  Redefining Your Christian Journey:  Moving Forward

Philippians 3: 13-14

Location The Zion Senior Center

5151 East 33rd Ave

Denver, CO  80207

There will be Continental Breakfast and Lunch.

RSVP required

More Information please see the Deaconess' Ministry page

Our Historical Perspective

Zion Baptist Church then


Zion Baptist Church Present Day


The Zion archival collection is now available!!!  The archive is deposited at Denver's Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library 2401 Welton Street, Denver, Colorado 80205, reflects Zion's rich and dynamic history from 1863-2019.  Zion's documents can be used at the library by the general public for research projects and enjoyment.

Zion's collections consist of a variety of information including the 9-volume 4,000 page book, They Came to Colorado with the Dust of Slavery on Their Backs:  The History of Zion Baptist Church 1863-2001.  This includes various obituaries, souvenir programs, and photographs.  The materials were collected and donated by Zion Historians Annette R Groves, Clementine W Pigford, and Kathryne A L McKinney.

Please feel free to use these valuable documents about one of Colorado's treasures.

children ushers 2015.jpg

The oldest African American Church in Denver

A Colorado Historical Landmark

Zion’s members have played sterling roles in our city, state, and nation.  They have been ex-slaves, laborers, politicians, preachers, teachers, writers, musicians, artists, lawyers, doctors, activists, and many other folk.  In many cases they have been the first to act upon and reach for opportunities that traditionally had been denied our people.

Zion Baptist Church was founded by a small group of people that came from other territories and towns. They came to Colorado with limited resources, little education, and wagons filled with determination.  Historical records recognize November 15, 1865 as Zion’s official date of origin.

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