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Pastor: Rev. Frank M. Davis


To all who are weary and need rest; to all who are lonely and want friendship; to all who mourn and need comfort; to all who pray, and to all who do not, but ought; to all who sin and need a Savior; and to all whosoever will – this Church opens wide the door and says in the name of the Lord Jesus. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.  (I Chronicles 16:29)

Rev. Dr. Frank M. Davis, Pastor


We invite you to join us at any or all of our regularly scheduled worship services, prayer meetings and General Mission Bible studies. We look forward to fellowship with you!


9:00 am

10:30 am

Sunday School


Zion Baptist Church Prayer Conference Line


8:00 AM,  12:00 NOON,  6:00 PM

Just Dial (712) 432-3900 –

The access code:  283505#


7:00 pm

Praise and Prayer Service


Special Announcements:  Letter from Pastor



Greetings in the Gracious, Great, and Glorious name of our Lord, King, and Savior, Jesus Christ!


First, let me thank God for counting me worthy to serve in this wonderful historical sanctuary, Zion Baptist Church, where His Spirit has guarded and guided for 158 years.  Serving as your pastor, for thirty (30) years now, I have been blessed abundantly with His grace and mercy, and for this I am everlastingly grateful.


I praise God for the membership and ministries of our Church.  Every one of you, by your faithful witness, love, prayers, and support, have enabled us to serve our God, this Community, City, and country, effectively and efficiently. I say with a heart of humility, “I am the happiest pastor in all the world, not because of where I sit, but because of who I sit and serve with”. God has afforded me the blessed privilege to sit and serve with some of the greatest saints on this side of Heaven.


With COVID-19 in the rear view mirror, by God’s grace and mercy, we are facing a new church year.  We enter this “New Church Year”, with a tremendous amount of thanksgiving and gratitude, and with “Joyful Expectations”.  This past year, we have encountered changes, challenges, joys, and sorrows, but thank God, we made it!


Our Church Theme this year is, “Living A Cross-Shaped Life”

(Matthew 16:24) “Then Said Jesus Unto His Disciples, If Any Man Will Come After Me, Let Him Deny Himself, And Take Up His Cross, And Follow Me”.  Our theme mandates us to serve as God’s connection with people in making disciples for Jesus Christ.  This is a call for our Church to move from the “Pause” to the “Reset Button”.  We must serve both “Vertically” and “Horizontally”


     Vertically – This means that we must consider our relationship with God, what God has done for us, the love flowing from God to us, connecting us to God in Heaven.  This is simply reminding us to always look up to God. (Psalm 121:1-2)


      Horizontally – This means that we should also consider our relationship with people, what we must do for others, love flowing from us to others, going out in to the world, from east to west, spreading the Good News of the Gospel.  It simply means “Practical Christian Living”.  It calls for us to always look around. (1 John 3:17)

Living A Cross-Shaped Life does not mean perfect living, but rather “Intentional Gospel-Center Living”.  It means living a life that points people to Jesus by reflecting the Gospel.  Our theme is both attainable and practical, it petitions us to “Win People For Christ”“Train People To Serve Christ” – and “Equip People To Go For Christ”!

May the Peace, Power, and Presence of God give us the Persistence to accomplish His mandate for His Church, as we lift up the theme: “Living A Cross-Shaped Life”!

Blessings and Peace,
Rev Dr Frank M Davis, Pastor

"​A Servant of Christ"

Upcoming Special Events

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Zion Senior Center
Upcoming features on the page ...
2023 Church Meeting Annual Report
Current list of activities and events

Children's Church

2nd and 3rd Sundays each month
Join us from 10:00 - 11:00 AM for Children's Church Service in Bledsoe Hall (downstairs)

Annual Children's Day !!

June 9, 2024

Young Adult Bible Study

Young Adults Ages 20 to 40
Please come to join us on
Saturday, April 6, 2024 at 1:30PM

Learn from God's Word, receive strength & power.  Learn from your praise and how God moves

Our Historical Perspective

Zion Baptist Church then

Zion Baptist Church Present Day

children ushers 2015.jpg

The Zion archival collection is now available!!!  The archive is deposited at Denver's Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library 2401 Welton Street, Denver, Colorado 80205, reflects Zion's rich and dynamic history from 1863-2019.  Zion's documents can be used at the library by the general public for research projects and enjoyment.

Zion's collections consist of a variety of information including the 9-volume 4,000 page book, They Came to Colorado with the Dust of Slavery on Their Backs:  The History of Zion Baptist Church 1863-2001.  This includes various obituaries, souvenir programs, and photographs.  The materials were collected and donated by Zion Historians Annette R Groves, Clementine W Pigford, and Kathryne A L McKinney.

Please feel free to use these valuable documents about one of Colorado's treasures.

The oldest African American Church in Denver

A Colorado Historical Landmark

Zion’s members have played sterling roles in our city, state, and nation.  They have been ex-slaves, laborers, politicians, preachers, teachers, writers, musicians, artists, lawyers, doctors, activists, and many other folk.  In many cases they have been the first to act upon and reach for opportunities that traditionally had been denied our people.

Zion Baptist Church was founded by a small group of people that came from other territories and towns. They came to Colorado with limited resources, little education, and wagons filled with determination.  Historical records recognize November 15, 1865 as Zion’s official date of origin.

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