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Laymen's  Ministry


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Mission Statement

We the men of ZION BAPTIST CHURCH are dedicated to the support of the Pastor and our local church, in concert with Matthew 28: 19 & 20, The Great Commission.  As men of God we pledge to assume the role ordained by God when he created us in his image, to be the head of our families, leaders in the church, and to have a positive influence in the community.  We are committed to the spiritual growth and development of each man through a daily study of God’s word and prayer.  To have a thirst for the wisdom and knowledge of God that we may be equipped to serve.  We pledge to be active in and supportive of all of the church’s ministries, and to take ownership and pride in our church, ZION BAPTIST.

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August 2022 80+ attending
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Laymen's Ministry 2015

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